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Tan Tui Spring Leg Kung Fu @ plumpub.com

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Produced in the first half of the 20th century, we have two more offering from the Taiwanese publishing and collector’s house: LionBooks. You might call these old texts Long Arm and Longh Leg. We have an early edition of the famous Tan Tui set which we have never offered (and very old drawings) and one of the first books on TongBei (Through-the-Back) style. These traditional texts are themselves part of Kung Fu’s history and struggle and worth a look just for that.



Oh, and before we forget, we’re trying to do our bit to preserved Kung Fu. We have just sent off our re-mastered version of Marcus Brinkman’s Bagua San Shou  Fighting, unavailable for some years now. Should have this popular, back-listed DVD in any day now.

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