Qi Droppings #2: Use Your Qi for Good, Not Evil

Well, Shaolin Grandma was SUCH a success that we are moving on to the next choice video found by Intrepid Video Hunter, Gary Shapiro. This Japanese game show pits QI against Qi, and who comes out the winner is anyone’s guess…
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Luckily, Gary has found an english language transcript to this film, courtesy of Tabbycat Gamespace’s blog:
The Showdown of the Century Begins

Panel Lady: What is going to happen here?
J-Fighter: I will try to blast the Master right off his feet.
Panel Lady: Will he be able to stop you doing that, using his ki power?
J-Fighter: He can try to blast me back, that’s ok. As for me, I’ll project all the power I possibly can.
Announcer: They will both project their power at each other, and we’ll see who gets blasted first.
J-Fighter: I want to blast the Master down, that’s why I came here today.
Announcer: Let’s get it on!
Panel Lady: Everybod, quiet, quiet down please!

[The Master emits his qi power, knocking down the J-Fighter]
Panel Lady: Are you alright??
Panel Lady: Is he alright? It seems like he smashed his back into the corner of the steps…
J-Fighter: Oh… that was tough. *cough* …
Somebody: That was quite a shout!
[The Master smacks the J-Fighter’s back, and shouts again]
Announcer: Oh, now he’ll be fine.
Panel Lady: Are you ok now?
J-Fighter: Yes yes I’m fine now.
J-Fighter: I really lost (the contest). When he shouted I just fell back.
Announcer: So that means his power is stronger than yours?
J-Fighter: Yes, absolutely.

2 Responses to “Qi Droppings #2: Use Your Qi for Good, Not Evil”

  1. Gabe says:

    I could write a diatribe about this kind of circus but instead I’ll say this:

    Wasn’t that guy one of the 3 storms from Big Trouble in Little China?

  2. GC says:

    After a minute or so it was very evident who the victor would be. Remember Ted’s recent article about stances. Did you notice how the master wasn’t locked into one stance? And notice the master’s facial expression during 1:18–1:26—–pure internal. It was a slam dunk!

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