QA: Iron Wire Recommended DVDs?

Hi 🙂
I wonder if you can help me a little? I’m fascinated by the Iron Wire form but there are no schools near me to teach me this, and I realize its a very difficult form to learn from film, but can you recommend a film that is good instruction, etc. and maybe not just demonstration? It does not matter which lineage or style Hung Gar, Jow Gar etc..



Dear UN,
Yes, the Iron Wire is a great form (I studied it myself years ago.)

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of sources for Iron Wire with detailed instruction. Most of our sources are meant to be references. You have to understand that, while you may be talented, not everyone is. Most instructors feel that Iron Wire is a little too complex and, even, bears some risk if taught improperly. It would be best for you to have a background in Hung or Jow Gar to at least get the postures correct. Though it may be a little frustrating, we have to applaud the integrity of the teachers.

We do have some good versions of it, though; even if they are not step-by-step verbally instructional, they do show the form and often include breakdowns and sound-issuing. They would be good to consider as resources:

1. VCD #1489

2. Sifu Hamby’s #18074

3. Ron Wheeler’s Jow Gar version #14037

4. Sifu Chan’s #25206  (this probably has the greatest number of breakdowns for learning.)

One additional note: The Iron Wire is STRONG Qigong. Take the sound-issuing a little easy at first.

Yours in the martial arts,
Ted Mancuso

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