Terry Dunn Tai Chi at Plum

Terry Dunn Tai Chi @ plumpb.com


If you practice martial arts, chances are you have heard of Terry Dunn. His two DVDs–on Yang style Long Form and Yang Style Short Form–are the undisputed top sellers in the area of Tai Chi for Health. Terry’s instruction on each 90 minute DVD is very clear and patient, providing solid, accessible lessons.

For a while, Plum has represented these DVDs, along with the 5 in his Chi Kung series, on our sister site, Blossoms In the Spring, and also on Amazon. We thought it was time to offer these on Plum.

Even though the majority of Tai Chi instruction on Plum is oriented toward the martial, these DVDs are a welcome inclusion in our catalogue. While there is no emphasis on usage, its incorporation is evident in the correct postures and movements that Terry demonstrates and teaches.

Look, also, for his Chi Kung series to appear soon; and, for those of you who are really on the long-wait list, Terry says that there may finally be some sightings on the horizon of his DVDs on LiuHeBaFa and Tai Chi Ruler.

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