The Clever Hands of Luo De Xiu

Luo De Xiu Goa Style Bagua

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Oh boy! Here is an announcement we have been looking forward to making for quite a long time: Luo De Xiu’s DVDs are returning to Plum and even, we’re hoping, a little improved from their previous incarnation. We have remastered the original series—Clever Hands (parts 1 & 2) and Subtle Skills (parts 1 & 2); they now have menus and we have even tried to tweak the sound a bit, for clarity.

This excellent four-part seminar series, originally produced by Marcus Brinkman and Bradford Tyrey, goes into great detail on the linear forms, usage and basics of Gao Style Baguazhang. Sifu Luo is generous in his instruction, and we have been re-impressed, especially, with the way he emphasizes the applications inherent in this style.

First to arrive will be Clever Hands 1 & 2, with Subtle Skills 1 & 2 following in a couple of weeks. For those wanting the whole 4-part series, there is no need to wait as we can send them separately in two shipments, still applying the $40 (almost 25%) series discount (just mention this in the notes section when ordering; and for those of you on the want list, we’ll explain in greater detail in email.)

Look to Kaimen for further announcements on the arrival of the Subtle Skills DVDs, Marcus Brinkman’s own series on San Shou, and another never-before-represented title from Sifu Brinkman.


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