Liu Chang Yi and The Feeding Crane

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White Crane style was decimated on the mainland with many of the top teachers leaving for Taiwan and other parts.  Their slow return after the diaspora is a story in itself. Added to that is the increasing evidence for martial historians that the White Crane style may be an essential link in the origins of Okinawan Karate. White Crane is also a group of styles denoted by various adjectives. Here is the inheritor of the Feeding Crane style and a new DVD chock full of applications which—as a Karate, Kenpo or Kung Fu stylist— may make you go hmmmm.

Some background on Feeding Crane

Crane Boxing Books and a set of DVDs

4 Responses to “Liu Chang Yi and The Feeding Crane”

  1. Tyler Rea says:

    Superb, Outstanding, Remarkable And Unequaled, are just a few ways to describe the New DVD release of feeding Crane Kung Fu by Sifu Liu Chang I.
    In nearly 30 years of training in the Martial arts and viewing commercial Martial materials I have rarely come across such a Martial rich and information dense DVD in my life.
    Sifu Liu Chang I’s generosity and unparalleled knowledge of combat applications and their nested variations left me humbled and in a way sad, as I have wasted years of practice not training in Feeding crane Kung fu. All those who love the Martial arts and Asian culture owe him a great debt for his Amazing generosity and superb Martial Prowess!

    Deepest respect and Ging Lai – Tyler Rea
    Buy 10 copies if you can, It will be the best money you can spend!

  2. Bruno Cruicchi says:

    Dear Plum Publish
    Over the years I have bought many DVDs from you.As a matter of fact I am about to place a new order,howeverI would like to know if this DVD on White Crane is a conversion from the VHS tape,published by Dragon Times a few years ago,which I enjoyed immensely btw
    Looking forward to your answer
    Bruno Cruicchi

  3. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Bruno,
    I don’t think so, but let me check. I believe this is the first time this is available other than those copies distributed at Liu Sifu’s seminars. I will write again when I know the answer.

  4. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Bruno,
    Here is the updated answer from Russ Smith:
    …”This is not a copy of the Dragon/Tsunami VHS. It is new material. There is some overlap in content, but I don’t believe it to be substantial.”


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