Fundamentals of Pa Kua (Bagua) Returns…

Fundamentals of Pa Kua (Bagua)

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Now these DVDs have been unavailable for quite a long time… like years!

The series Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang (yes, the same as Bagua Zhang) by Park Bok Nam and Dan Miller (past-editor of the esteemed Pa Kua Journal) is actually a quadruple set comprised of two books and two DVDs. We now offer both DVDs, packed with exercises and particularly strong on Bagua striking methods. We haven’t yet QUITE been able to locate the books, which are out of print, but things appear promising (we have a couple of copies of Volume 2 as of this writing.)  Some of this information is just too good to let it drift away…

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  1. John says:

    It is surprising to me that the books for this went out of print as they are very well written. And I am glad that you are working to keep them from drifting away. Thank you.

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