The Dragon (finally) Stretches Its Claws

Dragon Stretches Its Claws, Liu Jing Ru and CS Tang

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The Year of the Dragon brings great gifts upon the back of the Qing Long (the Dragon’s Chinese name), and one we know that you’ll like is the long out-of-print book, Dragon Stretches Its Claws: An illustrated Training Manual of BaGua Zhang by Liu JingRu & C.S.Tang. This is one of the modern classics on Baguazhang: a well-illustrated, comprehensive manual on this great style.

This book has been out-of-print for years. Plum always promised that we would try to get it reprinted, and finally we were able to partner with the publisher to bring it back to life. We are especially excited that it will show itself in its namesake year!

UPDATE: The book is now here! Just click picture to go to page for ordering.

Although it is not here quite yet (it is on the slow boat, as I write), we expect it in about two to three weeks. We’re just too excited not to tell you about it. As always, those who are on our want list will receive a special email offering a discount for the book 

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