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Chen Wei Ming

Chen Wei Ming was Yang Chen Fu’s senior disciple. He also trained under Yang Shao Hou, Yang Chien Hou’s son. He started the Zhi Rou Quan She (The Soft and Gentle Boxing School) in Shanghai in 1925. He helped his teacher between 1925 and 1931 compiling The Complete Book of Tai Chi adding the captions and explanations. He also wrote three important books all with his teacher’s permission; “Tai Chi Chuan Ta Wen” (Questions and Answers), “Tai Chi Chuan Shu” (The Form of Tai Chi 1925), and “Tai Chi Jian” (Tai Chi Sword). He stayed in Shaghai during the pre-revolutionary days of  the 30’s and 40’s but took some time away to travel to Canton and introduced Tai Chi to Southern China. Among his students was the teacher Hou Yuen Chou who later instructed Doc Fai Wong. After returning northward Chen’s teacher, Yang, traveled to Canton to advance the art even more. Chen died in 1960 at an undisclosed age.


Master Chen Wei Ming showing Tai Chi Sword @ plumpub.comTai Chi Sword, Chen Wei Ming @

Chen Wei Ming practices Tai Chi Sword

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