Bagua’s Eight Animals Workshop in Santa Cruz: New Schedule

phoenix and Bagua @plumpub.comJoin Ted Mancuso, director of Plum, at his studio in Santa Cruz, CA, for a unique 4-hour seminar on Bagua Zhang’s Eight Animals.

Tapping on decades of teaching experience, Mr. Mancuso has taken the original Eight Animals of Bagua and created a series of lessons to introduce them to you. These Eight Animals, or Eight Basic Postures, are considered by historians and teachers to be the “core” of the entire art.

This workshop is a classic and relatively simple introduction to Bagua Zhang. You will learn:

  • “Walking the circle,” using Bagua’s unique stepping methods;
  • Eight Animal postures, both stationery and moving; 
  • Arm and leg patterns of practice;
  • Single Palm Changes for each of the Eight Animals.

This course also includes a profusely illustrated book, available only through this workshop, which reviews the taught patterns, plus gives additional information on Bagua Zhang’s nature and philosophy.

Although those with prior experience of Bagua are welcome, we particularly recommend this as an entree into further study of Bagua Zhang. The self-contained material in this one workshop easily affords several months of self-study.

Ted Mancuso is the author of the best-selling series of DVDs, “Bagua: The Art of Change,” and has recently published the book “Learning Bagua Zhang,” which has received top reviews.

Workshop details
When (2 choices): Sunday, January 27 or Sunday, Feb 24
Where: Academy of Martial and Internal Arts, 1570 Soquel Dr, SC
(across from Dominican Hospital)
Fee: $85.00, which includes the textbook; 10% DISCOUNT for Plum customers using code: BGPlum in shopping cart.
Contact: 831 475-1429; or click HERE

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2 Responses to “Bagua’s Eight Animals Workshop in Santa Cruz: New Schedule”

  1. Kieren Nanasi says:

    You’ve had so many nice workshops lately, pity these aren’t filmed…

  2. John Dixon says:

    I have to agree with Kieren. This is certainly a workshop I’d love to attend but am unable, and if filmed I would definitely order this as soon as it was available.

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