Video Tutorials: 12 Road Tan Tui with Applications

Here’s our first  Video Tutorial series. It will comprise the entire 12 Road Spring Leg form, FREE. That’s right, nothing to buy or pay. We just hope that if you can use it, this series will help your practice. We cover the entire 12 roads of Tan Tui— that famous form so essential to basic training in Kung Fu. This section is an introduction to the form and it runs about 2 minutes.

Introduction to the 12 Road Tan Tui free video tutorial.

Below is the Salutation and the First Road of the Tan Tui. The viewing time for this is about 9 minutes. In follow up videos we will teach the entire set and add APPLICATIONS to many of the moves. Expect about one road per week and have fun!

12 Road Tan Tui Video Tutorial Road #1

Further lessons we have posted…
Tan Tui Road #1  applications

Tan Tui Road #2 form and  applications
Tan Tui Road #3 with applications
Tan Tui Road #4 with applications

Tan Tui Road #5 with applications
Tan Tui Road #6 with applications
Tan Tui Road #7 with applications
Tan Tui Road #8 with applications
Tan Tui Road #9 with applications
Tan Tui Road #10 with applications
Tan Tui Road #11 with applications
Tan Tui Road #12 with applications

12 Responses to “Video Tutorials: 12 Road Tan Tui with Applications”

  1. Orlando says:

    I was hoping you would do 12 road tan tui! Will a dvd come out?

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Orlando,
    Yes! Our plan is to compile the segments at the end of the project into a DVD and make it available for a small price.
    Thanks for asking!

  3. John Frink says:

    Since I left Santa Cruz the 10 road Tan Tui is one of the sets I keep returning to again and again. I’m very interested to learn this version and see how it compares. Thanks for making this available!

  4. Gabe says:

    I was wondering if you were going to record the 12 Road Tan Tui. I’ve already sent the link to my friend serving in Afghanistan. Kung fu is one of things keeping him sane.

  5. Herb Rich says:

    Looking forward to the DVD- hope it comes soon. The segments so far are great. Thanks, and keep ’em coming!

  6. Marco Sainte says:

    This really is a great series; I’m glad you’ve been putting it up. It’s even been helping me re-examine the 10 road version I’ve been practicing. I’m definitely going to get the DVD of this when it comes out… you guys definitely deserve the payment for the effort and instruction.

  7. Purwanto says:

    Thanks, great share! I’ve learned 12 roads Shantung Wushu Tantui many years ago, but your Tantui is different. I’ll share my Tantui video if you want.

  8. Paul Miller says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Tan Tui. I have been a southern shaolin 5 animal / 5 family practioner and assistant instructor for the past 10 years now. My Sifu started with northern shaolin and then switched over to southern, but we have done some northern drills and recently I learned the compulsories (although i am not very good at them). Anyway we used to do a drill referred to as Tan Tui, but only recently discover it was only a small part of the second road. I’m attempting to learn all 12 and these videos are simply priceless to me. Thanks again for sharing so selflessly and for helping to promote traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. It is greatly appreciated.

    SiSuk Paul

  9. Randal Seyler says:

    Thanks Plum Pub staff! It’s always fun and informative to see and hear Sifu Ted’s take on things. I really enjoy the staff book & dvd – I had learned 9 Providence Staff about 15 years ago and it’s fun to re-explore an old friend with such a thoughtful presentation… Am looking forward to playing the Tan Tui the same way!

  10. Bruce Ingham says:

    Any update on releasing the DVD of 12 Roads Tan Tui with Applications?

  11. Plum Staff says:

    t this point, we have no plans to release it on DVD, but we do get requests, so…

  12. Andreas Ammann says:

    Hi to all
    Where can I purchase the Tan Tui DVD?

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