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There are some who might say that Shaolin Tong Bei is to Tong Bei what marching music is to music. And, in certain aspects, they would be right. You can’t help, when you are watching the Shaolin version of Tong Bei, thinking that this might be what Tong Bei was like when it was just developed. I studied Northern Shaolin for over a decade and consider myself a Shaolin player but we have to question the “actual combat” part of this DVD even with the wide breadth we give applications. There are moves here like punching some one’s punch straight on with your punch, spinning round to get a slight advantage on the opponent, and generally a series of beautiful examples of inefficiency in combat. It’s as though the form, which is taught and broken down here, had a specific set of applications which everyone is afraid to re-think despite their primitive and downright wrong thinking. This is another example of why people dislike traditional martial arts, when they should be rejecting traditionalistic martial arts. Nonetheless, a true Tong Bei Shaolin set, crisp videography, an enclose b00klet in English and Chinese. As far as applications, make your own.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Well, if you had adamantium knuckles, punching someone’s fist would be a good strategy.

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