The Return of DaCheng Kung Fu

DaCheng Kung Fu from


We admit it: one of our great joys at Plum is being able to offer the rare, the scarce, the unknown, the classic. Of course, that means that there will most likely be limited availability on many of these items.

So we are especially happy when something returns to us and, as in this case, brings along a cousin  (or two) with it!

Not only is DaCheng Kung Fu once again available, but we now have a limited supply of the HARDCOVER edition also.¬† This book, of course, is the ‘second’ classic in its field, the first being that brave little treatise DaChengQuan (which, yes, is still out of print and which we are still pushing to get republished…)

DaCheng Self Defense at


Also, in case you missed it, these two english language editions brought along their Chinese language cousin, DaCheng Self-Defense.

Now, along with the return of the Yiquan seminar vcds, the summer is looking good for Yiquan practice.

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