The Book-Go-Round

72 Bagua Hidden Legs

Here at Plum, we sometimes get as excited when books return, as when we get new ones; the great ones tend to disappear quickly so it is always a happy time for us when we can restock some favorites.

Our newest batch is scattered all over the map, but if you click on the pictures below you’ll be taken right to the page. As always, many of these are STILL in limited quantities. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves that we are able to find these hard-to-get gems.

And do we need to remind you that some of this stock is VERY limited…

(By the way, keep your eyes on kaimen for a truly stellar line-up of new material over the next couple of many great titles in books and DVDs that we are still cataloguing them!)

Beng Bu Revised

Common Basis of Martial Arts

Northern Style Buddha Boxing

Ma Guan Lin Tai Chi (all 3 volumes)

3 Star Cannon Boxing

Xing Yi Weapons Self Defense Methods (all 3 volumes)

Weapons Control Handbook

Eagle Claw Chin Na

Knights of XingYi Boxing


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