Tan Tui Tutorial: Road #4 is tough!

The fourth road of the Spring Leg is now online!.. Tan Tui Road #4Now you’re in trouble. The story deepens when the Fourth Road of Tan Tui, the Spring Leg Form, introduces a whole new set of skills. And, as before, Ted shows applications that illustrate the meaning of the movements and also the strategy behind the actions.

Let’s see the Fourth Road of Tan Tui.

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  1. Miron says:

    It seems to me that Road 4 introduces Shuai Jiao. After the hidden step, the willow leaf palm is actually a throw over the leg. Also, the position that ends the series (with the upward hook) is identical to Angel Stares in the Mirror, a basic training stance of Shuai Jiao. I don’t know what the movement represents, but the basic throw and training stance look identical to Shuai Jiao.

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