Tan Tui Tutorial Road #12 and last

Whew! You made it! The 12th Road, deceptively simple as it seems, is here to give you one last challenge. Plum Publications free tutorial Tan Tui Kung Fu Rod #12You’ve done well and now—as the title of this road suggests—you need to rest like a “water carrier”. Applications are difficult with this final road but we give you a few clues. Now in your training is the time to not only mix up the order of the roads but also to mix the order IN the roads. Freely recombine and find the natural transitions and the rough spots. Your goal: to go from any road to any road. Good luck and practice hard!

Tan Tui Road #12 with applications

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P.S. We hope you’ve enjoyed these informal lessons as much as we did making them. We’ll try some more in the future if we have time. We already have an idea …

3 Responses to “Tan Tui Tutorial Road #12 and last”

  1. Stan says:

    Great series of tutorial clips! Thank you for making these for us, and for free no less. I appreciate it!

    You mentioned in this clip that some people use Tan Tui type training with weapons. Do you have any products that feature these kinds of weapons sets?

  2. Jacobo says:

    Debbie, Ted
    Many thanks for this. It is much appreciated by many of us…

  3. henry says:

    ted and debbie, thanks for these, look forward to integrating these into my own tan tui practice

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