Sha Guo Zhen and Sha Style

Sha GuoZhen was born in Shantung province, China, in 1904. From his childhood he studied numerous styles of Kung Fu. Early on his acquired the technique of the Six Harmony Spear (Liu He Jiang) which he continued to refine his entire life. At sixteen he began Bagua Zhang with Wang CheChen. Wang had learned his art from Wang LiDe, a student of the creator of the style, Dong Hai Chuan. The branch of Bagua he learned is called Lion style,  with special skills based on the movements and concepts of the Lion. Additionally Sha learned the Eight Immortals Sword said to be passed down from Grandmater Dong who had learned it from a Taoist priest.

In 1926 Sha began learning from Jiang Rong Jiao, an acknowledged master of Bagua, Xing Yi and Tai Chi. But he also learned Jiang’s beloved Lost Track style. Jiang had a profound effect on Sha showing him the sword skills he had learned from Li Jing Lin and the Cheng style of Bagua. Sha admired both Jiang’s skill and his scholarship.

Sha brought his love of Bagua with him when he relocated to TianJin, also an important place for Xing Yi studies. He stayed there from 1933 to 1939 learning Bagua there and traveling to Beijing by train where he encountered Sun Lu Tang’s Bagua and Xing Yi. He delved deeply into Xing Yi spear.

Practicing and remaining healthy Sha was still demonstrated his Lion Bagua into his eighties.

Among Sha’s student we count Kang Ge Wu, Luo Jin Hua, Jiang Xiu Lin.

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  1. Joe Bodie says:

    Sha was also known for TongBei. There is a Video out there of his TongBei that includes a clip of him doing BaGua with a TongBei style.

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