QA: Mizong Stances

I’d like to pass a query to Ted, if that would be possible: are the ma bu stances etc in Mizong as low as in other northern styles?   JS

Dear JS,
It’s nice to hear from you again. As far as your question, many practitioners do Mizong pretty low, like Shaolin. You don’t have to, but it is good training for this style. The trick is to do every stance like you could instantly leave it and change to some other stance. That keeps the Mizong spirit alive.
Hope this helps,
Yours in the Martial Arts,

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  1. Raweno says:

    MiZhong Quan IS a sub-division of Shaolin boxing, formed rather comicly by a servent spying on the movements of his master’s family style, which HE learned from Shaolin.

    Other styles, like XingYi Quan are also regarded as Shaolin by similar associations.

    Therefore, although it will be much harder, I recomend the low stances for their power and tradional value.

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