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Hi there.,
I recently bought the DVD,  Bagua: Art of Change from you and am most happy with the quality of instructions.  I understand it is Jiang Baguazhang covered in the DVD.  I am wondering if there might a set of static arm postures (whilst walking the circle) associated with Jiang Baguazhang.  And whether in a more formal curriculum, those static postures will need to be worked on before moving on the 8 changing palms.  And where I might find those static arms postures.
Would be great if you could help me understand.  Many thanks!

Dear GL,
I would certainly assume there are “Mother Palms” for Jiang but I  don’t know them. However, Kang Ge Wu, besides being a top researcher  on the subject is also a major Jiang enthusiast and teacher of the  style. In his Bagua course #1 he shows what his research indicates as the oldest version of the Mother Palms and I am inclined to believe him. These would go wonderfully well with the Jiang.

Personally, as a teacher, I find that the palms are extremely helpful for structuring the Bagua student’s posture, breathing and control.  While not necessarily mandatory they are good enough that even my advanced students return to them for practice. Think of them as supplementary but also intrinsically valuable.
Hope this helps,
Yours in the arts,
Ted Mancuso


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