Kang #2 Here, Bagua Power

Here is the SECOND DVD in our exclusive Plum Series…

Plum Publications presents  "A Course in Bagua"

“A Course in Bagua” by Professor Kang GeWu. Many of you have already purchased our remastered #1 volume giving the Old Bagua Palms. Here is a Power Bagua set showing applications and training methods. The two of them together (with a hefty discount) make for just what the title claims: “A Course in Bagua” taught by one of the world’s leading scholars on the subject.

This second but independent DVD concentrates on a very detailed analysis of the Bagua Eight Powers Palm a form specifically designed to show the wide variety of Bagua Zhang’s issuance of force and general approach to applications and fighting.

This is the second volume of a two volume set. This disk concentrates on CORRECT Bagua power displayed and shows a special form just for that.


Notes on Kang GeWu
Article by Professor Kang
Kang’s History survey: The Spring and Autumn

Kang’s Authentic Wushu Complete  (in Chinese)

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