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Master Lu Song Gao

The Henan branch of the general style Xing Yi is often known as Xin Yi Liu He. This Muslim art is attributed to Ji Long Feng 姬龍峰 (also JiJiKe: 1588-1662). It is considered the most aggressive member of the Xing Yi family. The substitution of the word Xin (heart) for Xing (shape) in the older name makes a clear point of framing the style in terms of Xin, which also implies “mind” in Chinese. This is somewhat echoed in the 20th century derivative of Xing Yi known as Yi Quan which might be translated into “Intent Boxing.”

The Muslim population of China, generally isolated but also ghettoized by Chinese prejudices, kept this style relatively secret and correspondingly in tact. It has also developed its own variation known in the Lyoyang area, and derived from its founder, Ma XueLi, who created one of the two splits from Ji Long Feng’s original style. This is often known as Xin Yi (mind intent) Liu He (six harmonies) Boxing. The other branch is from Dai LongBang and ErLu (aka Dai WenXun). This Dai branch, until recently, was relatively hard to find. It is from a Dai branch disciple, Li LuoNeng, that the new name XING Yi was derived.

Some Forms:
Four Fist, Ten Shapes (the number of animals in their system), Liu He Saber, Liu He Spear, Praying Mantis Saber, Emei needles, ZaZhi Chui sub-sets with elements of mantis mixed (Dai),

Important Concepts:
Long Diao Bang-dragon hangs shoulders
Cai Ji Bu-trampling chicken step
Yao Shou Ba-shaking hand hold

Squatting Monkey Stance; Tiger Stepping,

Four Animal Body Shapes:
Dragon body,
Chicken leg and feet,
Bear shoulders and waist
Tiger head
Eagle arms
Monkey Back

Three External Opposed Correspondences: shoulder/hip; elbow/knee; and hand/foot
Three Sequential Correspodences: Mind (xin)  to intent (yi), intent to energy (qi), energy to strenghth (li)

Five Fists: based on the five elements, different from normal Xing Yi
Twelve Animals (10+2, Dai style): adds some like magpie, cat, praying mantis
Four Grasps
Ba Shi Eight Postures
Dai Drilling exercises

Note: Though similar, the Liu He name has nothing to do with the Liu He Quan boxing style, a separate Kung Fu branch of Qing dynasty origins.

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