Huge Disconnects

Ever notice how some people who love the martial arts actually have big disconnects between certain parts? I knew an instructor who practiced diligently, hours a day.

Engagement is everything

His form was tight, his body in great shape, but his applications of the movements were on the kindergarten level not just because he didn’t practice them… he never even thought about them. But the disconnect can be anywhere: the tough MMA player who can’t relate to normal people; the guy who spends all his hours in the garage in Kung Fu film land; the internal stylist who doesn’t want to know a thing about usage. Martial arts is, at bottom, about making connections, not severing them. Among other things, it should give us the courage to engage.

4 Responses to “Huge Disconnects”

  1. J. Andrews says:


  2. Yaphett Pruitt says:

    “Ouch” indeed, and 100% accurate. Love what Sifu mancuso says, because when you read, you must think about what he’s saying. thanks!

  3. patrick hodges says:

    Yes, Shrfu, That is correct and that’s why some people will get offended if you try to correct them. In my case, EVERYONE knows more about martial arts than I do even though I spent over half my life in it investing time, $$, and a broken heart. Like family, when they hear it from an outsider even though you told them, the outsider is most often the one they listen to. =(

  4. I absolutely agree with this statement. I think a lot of teachers never take the time to teach their students how to think about applications. “Just do what i do!” making no adjustments for body type, height, strength etc.

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