FuJian White Crane and fashion

When photography was not a cheap and easy process it was often a matter of special luck and honor to have a Kung Fu book published.

Fujian Crane Boxing plumpub.com


Even then the teachers who were famous, connected and lucky did not have much experience posing for the camera and what comes across, like in one of those dusty metal framed family pictures lovingly rescued from the storage closet, is pretty much the unvarnished person, personality and humanity. In this case we have preserving reprint of  a classic book on the art of Fujian Crane boxing. Li Zai Luan studied this art and Five Ancestors his whole life and used it too. Unusual is this book with its full page photos, covering Crane boxing, weapons, partner practice and more. Unquestionably a collector’s reminder not even counting some fashion shots foreshadowing male styles of dress.

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