Folk Boxing

There is a returning interest, partly we hope from our own cajoling, in original, traditional Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu


Not always pretty. Often deceptively simple. Nowadays taught by people well into their seventies and eighties there are, nonetheless, a few old timers styles with only  stripped down models missing all the chrome. We have established an “Old Masters” section. One of the first additions we’ve made to it was a relatively unknown style called 8 Immortals (NOT 8 Drunken Immortals). We were skeptical that anyone would want to see a gruff, aged and somewhat infirm teacher try to pass on his knowledge. We were wrong. Some customers with trained eyes have written  surprised at the quality of the instruction despite the lack of ambiance and the indoor-outdoor carpet. Now we have more DVDS in this vein and we intend to keep adding. Don’t expect Hollywood, Bollywood or ever to be out of the woods, just enjoy.

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