Chu GuiTing: fighter and teacher

Chu GuiTing (褚桂亭) was born on 26th July, 1892 in Danzhou town, Renqiu County, Hebei Province. His father passed away by the age of six. Chu began his martial studies with Yu Bingzhong and Chen Delu.

At the age of 20 he began Xing Yi and Baua studies under Li Cunyi and Jiang Yue He, both honoring him by recognizing him as a disciple. It is said that he studied Xing Yi by day and Bagua at night.Within two years he had developed his leg strength to the point where he broke the leg of someone who attacked him from behind.

Chu Gui Ting at

Chu GuiTing

At 28 he began instruction in Tai Chi Chuan with Yang Chen Fu after having felt the power of Tai Chi Chuan. Not only did he become one of Yang’s top ten disciples but, later in life, he stood as Yang’s chosen fighter to take on challenges to the school. He also was able to study under sword master Li Jing Lin starting in 1926. From this teacher he learned Li’s speciality, WuDang Jian.

Chu was involved in the famous Nanking matches patronized by generals Zhang Zi Jiang, Li Jing Lin and Fung Zu Xiang. Initially these matches were held without protective equipment with the preliminaries held in Shanghai, winners moved to Nanking. Though known as a quiet, kind person Chu’s fighting ability carried him to win this contest in one instance dislocating an opponent’s shoulder then helping to pay for his medical treatment.

From 20 on he was also involved in touring China, learning and acquiring skill. He visited Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Wuhan, Changsha and Nanchang. For over twenty years he was particularly active in Jiangsu and Shanghai. During this period he taught in a number of organizations often becoming the head of the security division instruction:
The East China Five Province General’s Bodyguards
The Central Chinese Boxing Association, the
Zhejiang Province Chinese Boxing Association, the
Central Police Officers Association, the
Presidential Palace Bodyguards
National Government’s Military Department and the
Jiangsu Public Security Headquarters

During the 1950s Chu Guiting settled in Shanghai during the 1950’s and where he taught classes in the local parks. He also taught for such companies as Bank of China, 
Communications Bank, 
Government’s Public Security Department, 
Shanghai Electric Cable Factory, 
Poplar Tree Beach Power Plant and 
The Eternal Peace Company.

In 1958 Chu Guiting was invited to become the Chinese National Martial Arts Committee’s Assistant Director in 1958 Chu, along with Wang Ziping and Lu Zhenduo developed  a sword dance adopted  by the Shanghai Song and Dance Institution. This won a silver medal at the World Youth Festival.

With Cai Longyun, Fu Zhongwen and Zhang Yu pooled their knowledge to create a short Yang Tai Chi form for mass consumption. Later master teachers Gu Liuxin, Fu Zhongwen and Chu Guiting  were asked  to Beijing where they developed the famous Simplified 24 and 38 Posture Yang Style Tai Ji Quan forms still practiced by thousands of people today.

Chu GuiTing passed away in 1977, February 16. He was an influential and well respected martial artist who promoted martial tolerance and virtue at every opportunity. Having touched the arts he did he left an impression on them and the students who carry them forward.

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