A Nei Gong Manual

Most of us use the term Nei Gong and Qigong (Chi Kung) interchangeably. One subtle distinction lies in the type and the goal of training.

Nei Gong from plumpub.com


In many cases Nei Gong is a more appropriate term for martial training which encompasses more than simple refinement of the qi. This text, and the three-handed translation, brings to the fore a Nei Gong manual used by many martial trainers for a long time. Its origins may be at the beginning of the Qing dynasty. Though it won’t be easy, many of the passages in this book speak directly to martial practice. If “vertical and horizontal movements refer to the power that is derived from opening and closing the ribs” is not pretty transparent to you the going may be slow. Particularly prized by Xing Yi fighters this little volume has an entire section on San Ti training.

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