Well, for those of you who didn’t know, we’re just finishing a short vacation. We’ve been traveling around California, relaxing, talking about PLUM and other topics and snapping pictures. We’ve visited a Taoist temple in Mendecino, made a short film of a Kung Fu form in Russian Grove Park and today have just gotten back from walking Grant Avenue Chinatown in San Francisco. Chinatown was my old stomping ground when I was first taking Kung Fu in my teens. My friend Joe Trione and I would take a bus from San Jose to come all the way up here and study at Y. C. Wong’s. After class, sweaty and jazzed, we would have to run blocks back to catch the local that took us to the bus station. Joe eventually helped Wong’s out as one of as an instructor—one of the first non-Chinese I believe—and stayed with him for quite a while. We worked out in a basement with pillars right in the middle of the floor. I visited Wong’s school a couple of years ago, after decades. It had moved a block but was still in a basement, floor interrupted by pillars. Was Lost Track started like this?

Anyway, Debbie and I spent the rest of the day doing photography for a project on this site. You’ll be seeing out photo-essay up in a little while. It will look at Chinatown in a way that most people have not seen, or rather seen but never noticed.