The Kung Fu of Massage

We admit it, we might have already posted this DVD but in the rush to put in out new SHOPPING CART we seemed to have misplaced this DVD.

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Here is an  hour demonstration lecture by the well known Doctor Gordon Xu.  His clipped accent can be a bit thick at times but his demonstration on people from the audience is worth the price of admission. Tui Na, Chinese massage, has always been  a natural component of Kung Fu training. The list of skills might include Tui Na (massage), Di De manufacture (trauma medicine), weapons repair and manufacture and even bone setting. I’ve had teachers with all of these skills but they are receding now and almost lost from the Kung Fu view.

Resources: Jing Gang style Massage and Iron Body training (DVD)
Yi Quan Massage therapy (VCD)
Frank Yee’s herbal formula preparation (DVD)

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