Stomping Good News about Bajiquan

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As most of you Bajiquan practitioners know, there is just not enough published on this powerhouse art. Plum has been fortunate in its associations, especially with those in the lineage coming from Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao: Sifus Adam Hsu, Su Yu Chang, Jason Tsou and Tony Yang.

We got some good news, recently, for all of you on the long waiting list for Sifu Su’s excellent series on Bajiquan and Mantis to come back into print. Our sources tell us that, at long last, steps have been taken on the road to DVD conversion and translation into English. It’s hard to say when the DVDs will be available, as Sifu Su is extraordinarily busy with his teaching; but I guarantee you will see them here at Plum when they are available.

In other, related good news, Sifu Tony Yang’s DVD on Bajiquan is back in stock and the price has now dropped $10.00 to $54.95! We recommend this DVD for its wealth of information on this great, under-represented style.

Debbie Shayne