Mok Gar style Kung Fu

The Mok Gar (Mo Family: Mandarin) style is said to have originated with Monk Mo Ta Shi as an inheritance of the Southern Shaolin Fist. Legend has it that Mo was a midget and highly skilled. It gained fame three generations later, in the Qing Dynasty, with Mo Qing Chiu (also known as Mo Ta Chang) who learned supposedly from a famous kicker, Choy Kao Yi. Mo’s reputation was so high after defeating many other boxers that the style, formerly known as Southern Shaolin Quan, was renamed for the Mo family (Mok Gar).

Different generations through Guandong boasted masters such as Mo Lin Ying, Mo Fifth Brother and Mo Ta Fen. The famous Wong Fei Hung’s wife was one Mok Kuei Lin, a member of the Mok clan who had been studying since childhood. Cantonese papers recorded her fight with a would be rapist and the kick that sent him sprawling. In the post war period one Zheng Liang (Mandarin) was a security garden for a linseed oil plant, during the post war period. There was so much unrest in the Hong Kong-Kwoonlun area from the vast throngs of immirgrants that a day did not go buy without a fist fight. During serious struggles Sifu Zheng would use a fish knife as a weapon for close quarter work, rarely not leaving his opponent dead or wounded. In modern times the work has passed to Lin Yin Tang, one of the “Three Tigers of the East River.” In Hong Kong the major exponent was for a long time Chang Yung Hui, who was elected vice-president of the Hong Kong Kung Fu Association .

Mok style teacher Chang Yung Hui

Mok Gar (Mo Jia) is unusual for a Southern Style in that it is renown for its kicks. One Mok historical anecdote suggests how serious this was. The ancestral offerings at the tombs of the Mo family were very important. Any family member would travel a great distance to attend the festival. The origin of the Mok Family was Huo Kuang village, Tung Wan District, Guang Dong. On the Pure and Bright Festival around April, members of the Mok Family would crowd into Huo Kuang. One year after festival an argument broke out among the top practitioners of the style. The topic? Why must the shoulders be pulled back and the waist elongated when throwing a side kick? They couldn’t come to a conclusion so they had two members consume some “hit medicine” then go at it. After many engagements they learned that with a shoulder pull back and waist extension the side kick will cause real injury. But without these adjustments it will only hurt. Then they corroborated their findings on wooden panels.

Some of the kicks from this style include:
Guo Men Jiao: Pass the Gate Kick
Zhi Jie Ce Jiao: Direct Side Kick
She Jiao: Absorbing Kick
Pao Jiao: Hurling Kick

Wong Fei Hung's 3rd wife: Mo Kuei La

Special stances include:
Mu Ren Chan: Wooden Man Stance
Pian Shen Ma: Deflecting Stance

FORMS are said to include:
Zhong Quan (Mok’s basics “seed” form)
Lau Gar Kuen a “borrowed” form from the Lau Family style
Lian Tui Quan (Practice Leg Form)

At present there are said to be two branches of Mok. The first is a direct lineage from Mok Qing Chiu and the other traces to Mak Shing Mo.

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