La Blossoms DVD

Some of you (you know who you are) have been anxiously awaiting the coming of Plum’s new DVD, Blossoms in the Spring (this is the companion disk to our most recent book). Well, the wait is almost almost over. We have been holing up in our office with our computer and all of our film-editing software, and are very close to sending it off to duplication-land…just a final tweak here and there, and it will be ready. As is typical with our DVDs, what starts as a simple project often ends up closer to an epic film (we have already been referred to as Cecil D deShayman, thank you very much, Mr Shapiro…).

So this, by way of announcement, and also a passing apology if it seems that we have not been posting quite so liberally on Kaimen as we like. Gives you some time to catch up on articles, or new or restocked products you might have missed, or even write something of your own (see nag below). And, hopefully, the next post you see on this DVD will start with: “It’s here…!”

Plum nag: You could, of course, send us some articles of your own in the meantime…Tom Karls recently sent us a wonderful piece which we just published (if you haven’t read it, do!) If you are so inclined, email for details.

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