Kun Lun style (Kun Lun Pai)

The Kun Lun Mountain range is shrouded in mist and mystery. In the worlds of Martial Arts and Taoism it is seen as a sacred place with a deep history. Much of the historical evidence is legendary, hearsay. For instance there is an old story that one of Taoism’s ancestors, Hong Jun, had three disiciples: Lao Tzu, Yuan Shi and Tong Tian. The third disciple created the style we now call Kun Lun Pai which later divided into two branches: Eastern and Western. This would make the styles almost 1000 years older than Shaolin!

Whether or not there is any truth to the legend the Kun Lun Mountains have hosted many famous practitioners including:

Kun Lun Boxing teacher Zhou Ben circa 1975

Tie Leng one of the 8 Immortals, during the Jin Dynasty one of the 8 Immortals, during the Jin Dynasty.

During the Tang Dynasty Shen Tia Yun was known for his Kun Lun Sword, Tian Feng was known for his Qian Yuan Gong (First Trigram Primorial Exercises) and Tian Lei was known for his Tian Gang Zhang (Big Dipper Handle Palm).

During the Song period Wang Long was reputed for his Ba Gua Long Xing Jian (Eight Trigrams Dragon Shaped Sword).

In the Ming Dynasty there were seven Taoist adepts known as the Kun Lun Qi Jian (Kun Lun Seven Swords). It is also said that Wong Long (of Mantis fame may have hidden out in the Kun Lun for a time)

Kun Lun "Olive Pit" sword

In its long history there have been 105 generations of practitioners making Kun Lun a difficult to trace but certainly one of the most continuous martial lineages on the planet.

There is also a style, around two centuries old, specifically known as Kun Lun Quan (Kun Lun Boxing). Its techniques are based on these eight paired key words, Diao Hua (artful and slippery) , Xiong Meng (terrible and ferocious), Tun Tu (swallow and spit) and Fu Chen (float and sink). It’s stances include the Half Meridian Horse and the Beautiful Eyebrow Half Moon. On the floor you will see the Jin Gang Fist, Press the Precious Mountain, the Yin Yang Butterfly Palm and the Seven Step Linked Locking Claw. The weapons rack holds the Horse Knife, the Olive Pit Sword ( a specialty), the Iron Sweeper (Tonfa) , and others. Its advanced technique encompasses the use of three energies: Borrowed Power, Driving Strength and Fu Xi’s Cavity Striking.

Kun Lun Double Dragon form


First Kun Lun Book in English

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