JinGang LiGong: Buddha Disciple Strength Method

Jin Gang is said to originate in the Song Dynasty over 1100 years ago. It is a military heritage developed by Yu Hua Long (The Song Dynasty’s “Iron General”).

In the Ming dynasty his descendant, Yu Qian, was the Minister of Military Affairs. An upright official, he was widely respected as an expert on things military.

It was passed down to Yu Shen Xing, who became an instructor for three Crown Princes as well as minister of culture.

Yu Chuan Liang—the 20th generation disciple— placed second in a major national competition.

The 21st disciple—Yu Guang Shan — has a profound knowledge of the system and aided in fortifying the borders of the Qing Dynasty .

The 22nd generation disciple—Yu Zhao Liang—fought the Japanese at Lu Gou Bridge where he died in 1937. He was elected a national war hero.

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The present, 23rd disciple, is the teacher Yu Xian Hua. A political professor he is the vice president of the National Association of Adult Education. He is technical consultant for Communication of the China/Japan Martial Association, President of the International Martial Arts and Qigong Research Center, vice-president of the Taiwan Buddhist and Martial Arts Association, Director of the Zheng Zhou Martial Arts Research Institute, vice rector of the Zheng Zhou Shaolin Martial Arts Association (Zheng Zhou is the governing city for the Shaolin Temple), He has studied this technique since childhood when he learned from his grandfather Yu Guang Shan.


This system blends massage, point location, iron palm training and self defense with a special emphasis on capture techniques. Jin Gang is meant to marry inner had outer, moving and static exercises. It is based on intent moving qi. The Dian Xue (point knowledge) combines both with the health massage and the capture skills. It is divided into sections such as Beginning and Senior. It contains 18 magical records on usage,, effect, skills, etc. There is a strong emphasis, even for children, on Iron Body training and standing training to charge the Dan Tians. Some of the forms dedicated to this type of training are called The Sun Form and the Moon Form.

These disks we have on this system (see picture above)  break down into three distinct areas of study. The first is Qigong designed for this system. The second is a massage regime (and a very good demonstration of massae technique). The third is JinGang self defense techniques which could be classified as Shaolin strong . . .

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