Hurt: Tao of Gung Fu by Bruce Lee

Alright, I confess, Debbie and I are “book people” that seemingly vanishing group. We both love the thousands of books in our library. Debbie runs a book store and brings that expertise to PLUM. One of the “trade items” we like to offer are “hurt books”, highly discounted volumes which are slightly worn or damaged in some minor way. We think of these as the students-priced copies for those who want the material and don’t mind a ding or two. Finding these and offering it to you enthusiasts who want to save a bit (often 50% or more) is catch-as-catch can and generally irregular. We have a number of new titles now and start with this offering of a book by Bruce Lee which had to wait thirty years to beĀ  published. This is also in response to those out there who think we didn’t like Bruce’s approach, which is not true. Here is an excerpt from the Tao book Bruce meant to write while in college.

“I’ve learned a lot from observing nature. Such theories of movement and utilization of energy are brought about from the regularity of the tides and from the effect of the wind upon branches or grass. I’ve established my own postulate on the utilization of energy and the Way of movements of gung fu. The movement of gung fu is like that of a string of pearls. The pearls are techniques and the string is the linking of each technique. The utilization of energy and movement in gung fu should flow continuously without cessation. There is no broken or interrupted action. As soon as a techniques is finished it begins to meld and blend into another one. Expansion is interdependent with contraction and vice versa. “

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