Differences between the two Green Dragon Forms

This article briefly covers the differences between the two versions of the Green Dragon Form: That offered in my book, and that offered on the Kunlun Four Shapes VCD (VCD#1059). By the way, these VCD’s are very good, and Master Huang Shuangqing really knows his stuff. The applications sections are a little weak, but he discusses the energy and method of each movement as he teaches.

Firstly, the two styles: The style I learned shares this form and two or three of the other forms, but otherwise are different. I learned this system as a “Daoist Fist”, whereas Master Huang was taught this as a Hakka family art. I’m still doing research to sort all this out, as both sources seem equally valid.

As to the form, I learned this as the first of four interconnecting forms, the Four Images/Shapes/Directions Forms. In the VCD, they are different sections of the same form. Master Huang doesn’t divide his form into further sections as my teacher did.

The only major difference in the two forms is the movement “Cherish Spring and Autumn.” In the version I teach, this movement is rather like a “Roll Back” and a “Peng” movement. In the VCD, it is performed as a large, circular chopping movement.

There are a few minor details that differ between the forms, and there are extra details in the Soaring Dragon Three Movements section in my version that are either missing or not mentioned in the VCD.

Master Huang’s version is open and very elegant, whereas my version is tighter and more detail-oriented. Master Huang is also an expert in Hunyuan Chen Style Taiji, and my teacher was predominantly a Wudang and Bak Mei teacher, so these differences may simply be in the presentation.

I may write an applications manual this year. I’m not entirely sure how to approach it, as the individual movements are rich in applications and are supposed to be mixed together. Writing all the applications I could come up with would run hundreds of pages, and it really requires the guidance of an experienced teacher. Perhaps I will start posting example applications as articles instead.

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