Vocabulary: Chun Yang

What is the meaning of the phrase CHUN YANG (Pure Yang) ?
Taoist monk Lu Dong Bin at plumpub.comThis can denote the original Yang of Heaven from which all things, in the Taoist framework, are said to derive. But, mostly commonly, it refers to one of the famous Eight Immortals of Taoism, namely Lu Dong Bin (also known as Lu Yan). Born in the Tang Period (618-907) this was a scholar who failed to pass the Imperial Examination. He gave up the ambition and began to “wander like a cloud.” When he was 64 years old he met the sage Han Zhong Li, who instructed him in magic arts. From that period Lu Yan carried a weapon known as the Yin Yang Sword and used it to fight the evils of Jiang province. Thus Lu’s flying weapon has been considered an inspiration for martial artists for centuries, memorialized in the often taught “Chun Yang Jian.” Thus Chun Yang can refer to a Taoist concept or to the famous “Immortal” himself.

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