Randy Williams New DVDS: Wing Chun Gung Fu Groundfighting

dvd24189aRandy Williams is back!
Even though he has produced one of the most complete series of DVDs ever,  some of you have noticed it has been a little difficult lately to keep the entire line of Randy Williams’s excellent DVDs in stock. They are (temporarily) out of print, but we have been ‘nagging’ the publisher (the original publisher sold to a new group) and they will, hopefully, make these available very soon.

But! In the true Plum spirit, we have something fine to fill the gap: a new two-disk series from Sifu Williams that is fairly scarce: Wing Chun Groundfighting. Don’t wait! Check it out here…

P.S. We’re also taking this opportunity to better the discount on all his DVDs. Now, any two will get you 10% off his DVDs!

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