10th World Wushu Championship

Toronto’s Ricoh Center was the host tonight for a congregation of Wushu athletes from all over the globe. Speeches from dignitaries, dance performances, demonstrations and an inspiring march of the countries peppered the three hour opening ceremony. Tango succeeded Ukrainian acrobatics, Highland kilts followed slinky disco. Then the highlight of the evening as representatives for more than sixty countries marched in to a cordial Canadian welcome. Next came a number of speeches and commendations for the excellent volunteer effort. This first time sponsoring of the event was welcomed whole-heartedly by its Canadian hosts. Demonstrations occupied the last hour with a wonderful Tiger Crane by a ninety year-old practitioner, still strong and vital; a showing of the Dragon Fist, a huge Wing Chun team effort, Drunken saber, and White Crane hand, stick and kuan do work. After everything, it was the march from so many countries some sending only a couple of players others such as Argentina, Ukraine, and China sending large teams; that brought a thrill showing the universality of Wushu, contemporary or traditional, as it takes one more steptoward a place in global consciousness. From our front row spot we kept noting the names of the countries and mentioning that we had customers and friends in so many of them. It was like being able to reach out and touch all of you.

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