Coasters of the Tiger & Crane

Some things are so obvious you wonder why you didn’t think of them before. The aching need for a good cork backed spill barrier with illustrations of major Hung Gar positions must have slipped through our fingers. We did once have a page our of “Kung Fu for Young People” stolen and made into a commerical plastic wall plaque but this is a notch up from that shattering experience. Think of the possibilities: Jeet Kune Do kitchen mittens, Jet Li door mats, Baji push brooms, Shaolin band aids… the list is almost endless as is, sometimes unfortunately, our imaginations.


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  1. CosmicKeith says:

    I can’t even remember where I found these, but as an appreciator and minor practitioner I couldn’t resist! The illustrated postures demonstrate far greater technique than the coasters do in their appropriate application.

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