Adam Hsu, Master Teacher, (1941 – present)

Born in Shanghai in 1941, Adam Hsu moved with his family to Taiwan before he was ten years old. In Taiwan he began studying martial arts and continued for twenty-five years working with some of the best instructors ever to arrive in the island.

Adam Hsu, Hsu Ji

Chief among these famous teachers was Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao, a student of Li Shu Wen otherwise known as the “Spear God.” Liu was a major instructor and his imprint is still felt today. Adam Hsu had a special relationship to Liu and many people feel him to be one of the best representatives of Liu’s teachings. Among those teaching were the arts of Ba Ji (Eight Ultimates Boxing), PiGua (Split and Deflect), BaGua Zhang (Eight Trigrams Boxing) and others. Adam Hsu has also studied under Han Ching Tan (Jiao Men or Muslim Style, Tan Tui and others), Du Yi Zi (Chen Tai Chi), Cao Lian Fang (Xing Yi), Li Kun Shan (7 Star Mantis), Wei Xiao Tang (8 Step Mantis), Chang Xiang San (6 Harmony Mantis). In other words he has experience in a wide variety of styles as taught to him by top notch masters.

Adam Hsu performing BaJi Quan style.

Among his other accomplishments Adam Hsu has a Master’s Degree from Taiwan Normal University in Classical Chinese literature. He has taught both Kung Fu and literature there as well in a number of other venues.

Adam Hsu from the cover of his "Sword Polisher's Record" a major text on Kung Fu.

He has been the General Secretary of the National Kung Fu Federation of Taiwan, Instructor to the Republic of Liberia, and Member of the Republic of China National Kung Fu Delegation. He was the editor and publisher of Wu Tang Martial Arts Magazine, and a senior editor of the Kung Fu Library for Wu Chow Publishing Company, a large publisher of kung fu literature. He has published books in Chinese, and over a hundred articles in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and German. He has been featured on the covers of more than eighteen magazines throughout the world. His honors include Black Belt Hall of Fame, Black Belt Instructor of the Year, AAU National Senior Advisor, and honorary President of the International and Six-Harmony Praying Mantis Associations. In 1990, he founded the Traditional Wushu Association, a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the preservation, perfection, and promotion of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Adam Hsu with a traditional Chinese saber.

He is the author of Sword Polisher’s Record, a seminal work in English on the roots and realities of traditional kung fu. His two volume “Essays on Chinese Martial Arts” (in Chinese) are considered classic works on the subject. Along with his students he has participated in performances and workshops both in America and abroad. His kung fu instructional videotapes are now available in English language editions. Shifu Hsu resides in Taipei, Taiwan. He teaches seminars and classes in the U.S. as well as Taiwan, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, and other countries. A number of qualified instructors in this area have studied with this outstanding teacher: including Ted Mancuso, Linda Darrigo and Scott Ripke.

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  1. Yaphett Pruitt says:

    Master Adam Hsu has been of great influence to me in my pursuit of understanding traditional gongfu and hope to one day at least meet him if not train with him. I do have most of his english language books and have found the grace and subtle power that comes with correct practice with understanding the theory. Thank You, master Hsu

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