This little gem was issued in 1962 but we figure it was probably in print since about 1950, or earlier. It looks to be one of those comic book premiums you could send for along with X-ray spyglasses and sea monkeys (I never received my footlocker box of 64 soldiers for $1.00, I might add). This edition is “edited and copyrighted” by Max Stein. From this word choice we assume he rewrote an older book on the subject. The prose screams it in patches such as …

fs_bk001m“If the occasion requires, it may be followed up with some of the hold-downs taught in the preceding pages, though for the sake of practice and the acquirement of self-confidence, it is better, in the case of a mild attack, to let your man get up and take another fall or two, each time in a different way, if convenient; for know this—if in this new art, you employ half the skill and practice brought to bear by the average boxer (not the Chinese kind), you will be invincible by any except an accomplished Jiu-Jitsuan; but they are very rare in this country, and even when found, not looking for trouble.”


“Since the publication of the first edition of JIU-JITSU, hundreds of letters have been received asking how it is that the Japanese soldiers, though small in stature, are possessed of so much physical endurance, cheerfully undergoing the hardships of long marches in the severest weather, and, after all, are so peculiarly immune from the diseases generally prevalent in military camps”.


“You know how, in the case of a certain class of rapid-fire guns, instead of trying to overcome that vicious habit of “kicking,” a way was found to utilize that unpleasant recoil in discharging the empty shell and reloading. … Thus it is with those who practice JIU-JITSU. They do not meet force with force opposing the fierce rush of an enemy or trying to step a heavy fist with some part of the body. This would be inartistic, possibly shocking. …”

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