Not Just Jiujitsu …

… but Commando Style!

Published right in the middle of the war this 1943 manual warns us that “American men and women should be properly equipped to defend themselves when unforeseen emergencies arise.” One of a host of such cheaply printed but lamentably lost monographs covering everything from Yawara to Combato. fs_JitsuAnd the estimable Irvin Cahn, marine instructor, has done us all a service. Harvard hold that Masters, and Yale forestall thy Doctorate. The intials B.B. (Black Belt) shall now solely grace my name. After multiple warnings to exercise extreme caution, Mr. Cahn does allow himself one pass over the expositional battlefield with this little bit of Chandelesquery:

“The most effective way to use the stick when it’s held in the right hand is to step in quickly with the right foot and slash down against the face, tearing the face open; or jab the stick in the mouth; or slash it against the throat. Other vulnerable spots to attack are the heart, stomach and groin. It also makes an effective weapon against knife attack. The following pages should be studied closely.

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