BA GUA with Adam Hsu

dvd21011mLike Lu Hsun, the great writer, Adam Hsu is rare in that his mind easily spans east and west. Additionally paradoxical, he seems relatively at ease with ancient ideas and modern habits. No where is this more evident than in his new tape series on Ba Gua.Produced in Japan and then re-dubbed in English with Hsu’s voice and translation, the tapes give a comprehensive view of Penetrating Forest Ba Gua. Cleverly, they actually tie together because each video starts with a general introduction. This is followed by a short section on theory. Then a series of basic walking exercises (with appropriate Chi Kung). Basics are next (uncommonly useful because they give the actual strikes of Ba Gua — not Xing Yi applications). Then an example of a Ba Gua form (the third tape has the rare Huan Lien Ba Gua). Determined not to hold back, Hsu next explains and demonstrates the Post Training exercises for the first time on video. And finally there is a series of representative applications of true Ba Gua.Each of the tapes follows the same format, building gradually and progressively on the previous one. They do not leave the practitioner thinking only, well, that was a nice demonstration but what can I get out of this ?

More than a valuable addition to any library of martial arts videos, Adam Hsu’s tape series is an example of fine Ba Gua explained by a teacher who actually wants to promulgate his art to the world.



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