In the early days of martial arts moving to the West there were many neat and some crazy ideas. One of the most widely accepted was the “Yawara” method based on a piece of “electro-plastic” about six inches long. The Yawara was utilized in striking at nerve and “pressure” points. “How to Use the Yawara Stick for Police” written by Prof. F. A. Matsuyama – “The Only Yawara Man in America”- illustrates this method. Officers are shown techniques for incapacitating and subduing attackers and prisoners in cars, on the street, in chairs and all over the place. Mr. Matsuyama received commendations from chiefs in Oakland, Berkeley, Colorado, Nevada, etc. But we seldom see anything as neat as these Colorado State Highway Patrol Officers proudly displaying their Yawara sticks for all the world, taught by a Japanese only three years after World War II.


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