No, anything but that!

It’s beenĀ  years now and we have to celebrate the tremendous boon we have gained by having such an advanced master of martial arts as Dave Carradine help us all by introducing Tai Chi to so many people…


Oh, we know the argument… a “name” like Carradine’s helps by bringing consciousness to so many people. The truth is that this is completely false. Medicore practitioners bring mediocre attention. Carradine comes out at the beginning and makes a speech in his best broken English. Is there anyone in the martial arts who knows this guy and doesn’t think his ego’s just a tad huge? On the other hand we do get to see a number of model-types dressed exactly like inhabitants of the planet Krypton making motions that so little resemble Tai Chi as to be almost delightfully puzzling. Are there no model-types who actually know their left hand from their right? Even the unfortunate Kam Yuen looks awkward and out of place. What can we say? It couldn’t be worse? Oops, there’s Carradine’s video on Kung Fu. As the Grasshopper himself would say, “He who looks at the moon through a branch often see the foliage of fate…” or something like that.


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