Gun Fu

fs_gunfuAxThis may be the era of the WildWild East. Here is a book by Dr. Hatsumi- yes of Ninjitsu fame- extoling the methods of Gun and Knife play. English/Japanese this one goes through it all: rolling on the ground, and – most wonderfully – shooting from the classic kneeling stance in full Ninjitsu duds. Seem a little strange? Think how all those top-knotted westerners appear to the descendents of real samurai. Think Highlander.Think Belushi.

fs_gunfuBxMany strange and wonderful things here:
“Karate was ‘invented’ (or refined) some 50 years ago. Dr. Hatsumi is the 34th master in an unbroken line of teachers in this style of ninjitsu”

“After I travelled across
the U.S. from New York to L.A. 300 professional martial artists were waiting to see my fighting style at a camp in Ohio.The superiority of my martial art resulted in my teaching them as if they were children. The immediately asked me to teach them knife techniques and I accepted them as students.”

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