Hopping Ghost Puppet

As the top card states: “This amazing punching puppet is modeled after the Chinese hopping ghost. These ghosts are afraid of brooms, long-grained rice, eight sided Taoist mirrors, chicken blood, death blessings that quiet or settle unstable spirit, and the sound of bells.” But the backside of the card is a veritable compendium of information on these ghostly creatures…

fs_ghostA Hopping Ghost is an undecayed corpse whose main soul, the PO, has not yet left for the other world.If it can inhabit a corpse it can move about – hop.

Ghosts hop because they are so YIN. That is, they have so little mobile energy left that they can’t even bend their knees one of the signs – in human beings – of the ability to move. When they come in contact with even more YIN they over loaded and hop around.

Being light and bodyless they can sometimes fly. They smell horribly. They are armed with long, long fingernails that can tear. They sleep in coffins or graves and fear sunlight’s strong YANG energy.

If you chance upon such a pest DON”T BREATHE. The sound of breathing allows them to detect us. Paste a Taoist warning on their bodies to stop them. But if you are serious about getting rid of them burning their coffin with them in it is the major method.

Watch out for them grabbing your neck. Definitely an unpleasant experience. Oh, by the way, this is the traditional reasons Asian bridge zigzag because ghosts hate to cross running water (like in almost every culture in the world) and twisty bridges are the toughest. Also the doorways of temple have step-overs to prevent the entrance of spirit who can’t hop that high. Now, aren’t you glad youread all this?

Note: Like the Bruce Lee flip book,  this has been a favorite since we fist listed it years ago. People write and bid, offer, cajole and beg to get their hands on these wonders. If we ever bump into a gaggle of such ghosts we will definitely tell y’all. But for now just shiver, and enjoy…

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