Ba Fa Quan (8 Methods Boxing)

BAFA QUAN or “Eight Methods” was created at the end of the Qing Dynasty by Li De Mao. He took the essence of Long Fist, Fan Zi, PiGua,Xing Yi, Tan Tui, Tong Bei and other forms to unify them into a new system. This was based on ei.The Boxing for partners was invented in 1906 by Sun Zhong Shan. Before the Revolution of 1911 he had organized the ShanXi voluntary army to overthrow the Qing government. Thus BaFa was developed as a specifically military training method. This emphasis on practicality made BaFa Quan quite popular for a time. BaFa is a fully synthesized form of boxing. It has a rigorous structure and a tight composition.

BaFa with Wu Shi Jun: DVDs and VCDs