Tai Chi Nude

The Sixties lasted well into the Seventies. That “let-it-all-hang-out” spirit was hard to quench though history has tried. fs_nude1This is an authentic, mass distributed book from 1975. Someone named “JADE” thought she had a great idea… and here’s the result. Each full color page is a testimony to how embarrassing youth can be. They did play it straight though. Real authentic Tai Chi poses, and the text is actually quite good–maybe another John Gilby pseudonym? Woody Allen tells that classic about how the restaurant serves lousy food but the portions are big. Here the Tai Chi is horrendous but you get to see the naked truth. The introduction is by F. L. Yu (no nude pics here and, thankfully, the picture of Yang ChenFu is from the neck up). The frightening thought is, what if this had been successful? Raw kickboxing? kinky Kenpo? naked Ninjitsu?


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