Tai Chi Devil Dragons

Not just Devil Dragons,

So what’s that supposed to mean? Devil Dragons with reduced stress?

fs_DevilDragons“A drunken old man – once a great Kung Fu master teaches one young man the ancient art of Taichi Shadow Boxing and another Kung-Fu of Hard Head. With their phenomenal skills they become modern-day Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich and helping the poor. Ultimately they must avenge their Master’s murder in an action-packed climax.”

Even after seeing the film we’re not exactly sure what a “devil dragon” is. However we were intrigued with the subtext: a long contemplation of the relationship of post-modern de-constructivism to the environmental concerns of slamming one’s head against iron pellets. One of the devil dragons does eventually resolve childhood conflict through a combination of Jungian analysis and Iron Hit Wine. But that, as Balzac said, is another ten flicks.

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